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3P: Avoid Covid-19

The euphoria of the Covid-19 vaccine makes many people feel safe. Even though vaccine hasn’t been evenly distributed, they are starting to...
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Regulators dust off rule books to tackle generative AI like ChatGPT

As the race to develop more powerful artificial intelligence services like ChatGPT accelerates, some regulators are relying on old laws to control...

How generative AI’s impact on digital advertising methodology is evolving

The tidal wave of new generative AI tools is causing industries to reassess how they function and identify ways of up-leveling their processes. The...

New hybrid quantum computing system set to be fully operational this year

Industry leaders have collaborated to build a hybrid quantum computing platform in Enschede. The hybrid quantum computing system integrates high-performance computing (HPC)...

Meta built a code-generating AI model similar to Copilot

Meta says it’s created a generative AI tool for coding similar to GitHub’s Copilot. The company made the announcement at an event focused...
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