Top 3 topics in IJRES March 2024 

The International Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems (IJRES) aims to share innovative work on reconfigurable systems, embedded systems, VLSI design, and embedded IoT. The journal is published by IAES and has been indexed by Scopus. IJRES provides a platform for experts in the field to contribute their research on algorithms, circuits, systems, models, compilers, architectures, tools, testing and applications, embedded architecture, system-on-chip (SoC), systems on a programmable/reconfigurable chip (SoPC), multi-processor systems on a chip (MPSoC), and network-on-chip (NoC). Here are the top 3 topics that are being discussed in the March 2024 issue of IJRES:

Embedded Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has various important aspects that must be understood in hardware design and applications. Embedded internet of things discusses IoT which includes hardware design for IoT, security, privacy risks, and safety, connectivity, and programming of IoT devices using wireless transport and message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) protocols, as well as embedded system design to address IoT issues.

Reconfigurable System

The topic of reconfigurable systems discusses the implementation of designs on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architectures to improve performance, security, and reliability. Applications that can be implemented include security, big data processing, robotics, and deep learning. As well as software that is used as a tool for FPGA modeling, analysis, and optimization.

VLSI Design

VLSI design involves advanced computing methods, computer architectures, FPGA-based designs, as well as analog and digital integrated circuits (ICs). VLSI design involves algorithms for the automation and analysis of digital systems using very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL). In addition, VLSI is also used in business applications, sensors, as well as biotechnology, energy, instrumentation, and control. VLSI also has a role in 5G wireless communications and signal processing.

The aim of the International Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems (IJRES) is to provide a platform for academics and professionals to share innovations and research related to reconfigurable systems, embedded systems, VLSI design, and embedded IoT. To get more information and read articles for FREE you can visit the following links:  

By: I. Busthomi