Wearable IoT device “Caring Jacket”

Caring Jacket is a health monitoring jacket integrated with the proposed IoT system for monitoring COVID-19 patients. The jacket is equipped with sensors and GPS for tracking and can monitor the patient’s temperature, oxygen level, and heart rate per minute (BPM) with high accuracy. It can also remind patients to maintain social distancing protocols while exercising, which can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by 13.6%. The Caring Jacket can help COVID-19 patients maintain their immune systems while avoiding a decrease in immunity due to excessive exercise.

Furthermore, the proposal of the Caring Jacket aligns with the World Health Organization’s and the Indonesian government’s policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, which emphasizes the use of monitoring devices like oximeters for self-isolation patients to detect conditions such as happy hypoxia, a silent killer. The precision and accuracy of the sensors in the Caring Jacket are also highlighted, with temperature reading accuracy up to 99.38%, oxygen rate up to 97.31%, BPM sensor up to 97.82%, and an overall sensor precision of 97.00% compared to calibrated devices.

In summary, the Caring Jacket has the potential to significantly impact the monitoring and management of COVID-19 patients by providing accurate vital sign monitoring, promoting safe exercise, and reminding patients of social distancing protocols, all of which are crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caring jacket: health monitoring jacket integrated with the internet of things for COVID-19 patients

Hari Maghfiroh, Daru Kusumastuti, Rebbeka Siswandina Sari, Muhammad Hammam Al-Choiri, Maulana Afif, Ricky Aston Susetyo, Muhammad Ahmad Baballe

One of the policies that have been made by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indonesian government during this COVID-19 pandemic, is to use an oximeter for self-isolation patients. The oximeter is used to monitor the patient if happy hypoxia which is a silent killer, happens to the patient. To maintain body endurance, exercise is needed by COVID-19 patients, but doing too much exercise can also cause decreased immunity. That’s why fatigue level and exercise intensity need to be monitored. When exercising, social distancing protocol should be also reminded because can lower COVID-19 spreading up to 13.6%. To solve this issue, the Caring Jacket is proposed which is a health monitoring jacket integrated with an IoT system. This jacket is equipped with some sensors and the global positioning system (GPS) for tracking. The data from the test showed the temperature reading accuracy is up to 99.38%, the oxygen rate up to 97.31%, the beats per minute (BPM) sensor up to 97.82%, and the precision of all sensors is 97.00% compared with a calibrated device.

By: I. Busthomi