The importance of maintaining mental health at work

To support being a healthy person, several aspects need attention. One of them is maintaining mental health in the work environment. Besides physical health, mental health is essential. We should also take care of it so everything can work properly. Sometimes we humans will feel tired, bored, dizzy, and hopeless. This can happen because of mental pressure that is less controlled.

Many people take mental health for granted. Many judges this with the phrases lack of worship, gratitude, and even crazy. It is necessary to understand what mental health is and only experts and ourselves can analyze it in detail as the main role in this case. In the scope of the world of work, we need to know our capacity of ourselves so as not to overload and cause burnout. There are many mental health complaints, especially in the context of the work environment, especially for those who are new to work, there are many pressures that will be received if we cannot control and analyze the root of the problem.

How important is it to maintain mental health in the workplace?

According to Charles Goldstein, a professor from New York University Langone School of Medicine, stated that the human brain is closely related to the endocrine system that releases important hormones and affects mental health. So that when there is a biological mental disorder, there is also a systemic disturbance in the brain. Some facts that have been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), have experienced global economic losses estimated at $1 trillion, due to a lack of productivity caused by symptoms of mental disorders.

Lack of mental stability will affect brain performance so that work performance, productivity, coworker relationships, and other activities will also be disrupted. Factors that trigger mental health decline in the work environment are both internal and external. Internal factors can be caused by genetics or family history who also experience mental disorders. External factors that occur in the work environment such as i) poor communication, ii) low support among fellow employees, iii) working hours that are too busy, and iv) the strict rules provided by the company.

What to do if you experience mental disorders in the work environment

Create a healthy and comfortable work environment. Being open with other fellow employees is very influential on the mentality, not adding to the negative stigma between fellow employees that can make things worse. Being calm in doing something and always being patient in dealing with a problem can also foster comfort in the work environment.

Some tips to avoid mental illness in yourself

1. Train yourself to always be grateful

Gratitude is very influential in reducing the burden of the mind. Feeling that we are enough with our parts and accepting ourselves is a form of gratitude.

2. Taking care of your own health

The thing that is no less important is health, mental down can affect us because our health is unstable. When we are not okay, it will be easy to get emotional and act without realizing it can trigger mental disorders as well.

3. Express ourselves the way we want to while it’s true

To avoid these problems, we also need to express what we want so that we feel calm. Things that can make us happy and increase our confidence peak with one of these points.

4. Balance everything with your hobbies

Too much focus on an activity can shut down some of the brain’s work. To compensate for this, we need hobbies that can relieve boredom, irritation, and laziness so that our minds get time to rest for a while. Hobbies can also make us more confident and responsible individuals as long as they are in line with our work.

by: Irham Fahri Ramadhan